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Shaun Grant stars in commercial for mortgage company, Reach Home Loans.

"The Universe Loves You: Shannon Confidential Podcast"

The world needs more people like Shaun Grant. Nothing has ever been able to keep Shaun from being his best self. Not his surroundings, not a serious injury that took his sports dream away, and not a deadly hurricane...nothing! Listen as Shaun talks about how he has turned every challenge life has thrown his way into a positive message. Shaun has dedicated himself to kindness, love, and compassion and lives a life led by Spirit.


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“It’s in the state of peace and relaxation that all success, joy, and fulfillment become possible for an actor. Through ease, you become the performer you were destined to be.”-Shaun Robert Grant

Successful acting comes from a place that feels completely authentic to the performer. It’s in that feeling, that the potential of any actor comes alive in the fullest sense. The Vibrational Actor is a guide for every actor who is ready to tap into the heart-centered essence of who they truly are and bring that dynamic power to the stage or on camera.

Everyone can be fulfilled as an actor no matter where they are right now when they understand the true source of all acting success lies within.In this book you will discover:


-More joy, confidence, and strength in your performance

-Key components which lead to authentic acting

-Acting techniques that create a greater connection to yourself

-One asset, you already have, that can help master your auditions

-A deeper love and understanding of acting.


Shaun Grant is a dynamic creative artist who is divinely passionate about personal performance and transformation. He is the creator of The Vibrational Actor and a YouTube series called “The Audition Chronicles.” Shaun has been acting, writing, and coaching for the past 13 years. He teaches the concept of vibrational acting and vibrational consciousness to performers around the world. He was inspired by the same method to write for publications such as Backstage, NY Castings, Daily Actor, and Medium. Shaun continues to give back because of his unconditional love for the art of acting and performing. Look out for his soon to be published book, "Become A Powerhouse In Auditioning."

Shaun Grant Acting (Journey) "Raigan"

A few scenes in clips from my latest film Journey.


The Corona virus has created a gaping hole in the financial lives of many. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY, AT ALL! Money is a matter of body, mind, spirit coming together to create an expression of God in our lives that empowers us with the resources to be, do and have our best. But, we must be equipped to think, speak and feel money's vibration for it to show up. Let's dive in!

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The highest objective is to enable all souls to know that they can live a joyful, empowered life full of truth and fulfillment. Thank you for your time and your kindness!

-Rev. Shaun Robert Grant ❤

Your Spirit Your Business: Discovering Your Divine Why.

On March 4, 2020 my wife and I gave a seminar called "Your Spirit Your Business." This is a class geared towards helping entrepreneurs manifest business success and fulfillment through spiritual principles.


Rev. Shaun Grant Interview With Cassandra Hein From After Orange

Rev. Shaun Grant talks about the Timber-wolf Method (energy flow), love and relationships, racism, police brutality and stepping into Divine stillness. Your spirit your business - connecting to your spirituality. Source energy is love.

Rev. Shaun Grant Talks Emotional Resilience!!!!

Emotional Resilience: What Does It Take To Roll With The Punches

What’s your definition?
How did you learn it?

Hear from guests around the world on what it looks like for them.

Today's Guest:
Shaun Robert Grant is a dynamic writer, entreperformer, and creator of the podcast Your Spirit, Your Business.

When he is not discovering truth and sharing it in the lives of others, Shaun enjoys spending introspective time at his lake, traveling, and taking walks with his wife.

"If you are to find the true treasure in your life, you only have to embark upon the journey that forever goes within yourself".
- Shaun Grant

Rev. Shaun Grant:The Money Cure & Mastering Financial Emotional Intelligence

Today we’re talking about Mastering Financial Emotional Intelligence with Shaun Grant

Shaun is a dynamic writer, entreperformer, who possesses an enormous passion for helping others discover their potential with money and prosperity.

He is the creator of the podcast The Money Cure and the author of Prosperity Secrets: How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams.

Shaun is absolutely driven to help as many people as he can realize their greatest financial potential.

He has gained an understanding that if we can maximize our ability to allow the abundant flow of money into our lives, we can maximize our creative freedom and live the fulfilling life that we all desire.

Today we are going to think big into our financial mindset and how to conquer issues with money through Financial Emotional Intelligence

Rev. Shaun Talks: How To Find Your Soulmate

In this Inspiring segment, Shaun Grant gives us TIPS on: Self-Love, how to attract your ideal mate, having a successful relationship and how to spice up your Love life!


He is an author and motivational speaker who specializes in prosperity and relationships. He lives to share his message of love to millions of people all around the world. Certified in the Law of Attraction and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Shaun guides people in truly finding practical ways to live the lives they ultimately dream about.!

He works with individuals just like you to help them experience successful breakthroughs and growth in mind, body and spirit beyond any level that they could have ever imagined by themselves.

When Shaun is not coaching clients, he is usually engaging in his love of travel with his wife Sarah, working out and walking/meditating on the beach every morning. He also enjoys creating life changing content through blogging, video and radio. Shaun feels strongly that, "Everything begins and ends with love. The moment we grasp this realization and put it into all of our actions, the greater we all can become."

Rev. Shaun Talks Life, Adversity And Success!

Native of New Orleans, Actor Shaun Grant is the Author of “Prosperity Secrets: How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams.” He’s a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Coach & Fitness Expert that specializes in helping people from all walks of life meet their dreams and goals in every area. Whether it be mental, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, or social arena; his main objective is to map out the best possible plan for every individual to reach those goals. Shaun is also Co-founder of Health Eatery with his beautiful wife Sarah, which is a wellness company offering nutritional coaching programs, fitness programs, prosperity coaching.

Favorite Success Quote

“When you take care of the present, the future takes care of itself.”

Business Failure

Growing up in New Orleans I was an avid football fan from the age of 5 until 23 and I became known as “Football Shaun”. That’s just how into it I was. So having such an incredible desire and passion to play in the NFL. I worked, & worked and worked to try to make that happen, but my last year in college I was suffered a hamstring injury that set me back. Gave it some time, then tried it again and became re-injured. This happened about 3 times and that’s when I started to realize that maybe this wasn’t what God wanted for me. Never the less, I was devastated because I had never loved anything as much as football except my mom. To have it all taken away from me I was heart broken and I felt like a failure. I even fell into a deep depression and at one point I felt like I didn’t anything to live for and wanted to take my life. Until I received a phone call from an amazing friend that convinced me that I was being selfish and told me to “Battle Back.” From that moment 10 years ago until now, I've battled back through every adversity.

Entrepreneurial “Light Bulb” Moment

After overcoming my adversity of taking my life. My family had pretty much counted me out. Until one day in March 2008, I had an opportunity to have a speaking role in a major film. While on set with all of these A-List stars, one of the actors came up to me and encouraged me by saying, “You’re gonna be really great at this. Keep going, don’t give up because you’re really good at a this. Keep Fighting. You’re doing a terrific job even if anyone hadn’t told you yet.” It was in that moment that I had that “Ah-Ha” moment. I realized for the first time that I can be something GREAT! From that moment on, I went to land role after role after role.

Listen to episode here

Winning Dream

Winning Dream is a short film about one man, Kenny Kiwa (KK) doing whatever it takes to make his dream of becoming an Olympic track star come true.


CEO and Founder of Uplifter Entertainment Shaun Grant shoots a scene in his new film displaying his fight skills


CEO Shaun Grant shows off his fighting skills in his new film Self Sacrifice.


Adeola has made up his mind on what he's going to do with his life, although his father does not look kindly upon his decision.


Reach Next Level

Living In 2020 with:



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Uplifter Entertainment is about helping you to become the very best version of yourself through all forms of inspiration and media. We will stop at nothing to help you to realize how to become your complete authentic self and live the life you desire through the love that has been placed within you.


-Rev. Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment


"There will be times when the vision you have of yourself in your heart, may not match what's on the outside. There will be times When things that make sense spiritually, won't make sense physically. There will be times when your value is overlooked greatly and it seems that you have lost....BUT!!!...In the end, your value lies within your heart that is filled with unspeakable power and immeasurable passion...YOU ARE GREAT, YOU ARE PHENOMENAL, YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE OF LIFE...YOU ARE ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS EVER CREATED!...Let nothing or no one stop you! Just when it seems like all is lost is when all will open up for you. A closed door is just another one opening. An ending is just a new beginning. More importantly, a weakness is a valuable strength developing! I write to you because I know...I write to you because I have felt...I write to you because I am able...TO RISE UP and win in this game of life! Just as you are! Whatever it takes, whatever you need, promise yourself it will be yours...THE GREAT SPIRIT wants it for you just as much!...It often says, "You have to show me the greatness that I've put in you! Show me how deep your desire is...And when you're ready, truly ready....You surrender, the world falls to your feet and grace takes over!...Step by step, the path is laid out before you...Follow, and bliss will come!"



Rev. Shaun Robert Grant
CEO Uplifter Entertainment



Shaun Robert Grant is a dynamic spiritual entrepreneur who was born and raised in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. As one one of four boys growing up in the formidable streets of the Crescent City, adversity seemed like an ever-present reality for Shaun. From impoverished beginnings, constant violence, loss of life and the incomparable experience of Hurricane Katrina, Shaun learned the power of resiliency which allowed him to grow into an individual who is forever led by Spirit, kindness, love and compassion in all that he does.

In 2007, Shaun embarked upon a journey as an entertainment professional that led to acting in nearly fifty films and commercials with some of Hollywood's biggest stars. He was even nominated at one point in his career for Best Actor at the Mount Olympus Film Festival. He felt the innate urge to give back from the success that he had garnered throughout his career. Shaun started his own company called Uplifter Entertainment/Empower Productions, in addition to developing a method called "The Vibrational Actor" which later became an e-book for actors and actresses. He was also inspired by the same method to write for international publications such as Backstage, NY Castings, Daily Actor and Medium. Shaun continues to give back in this area through his podcast "The Actors Area," and his soon to be published book, "Become A Powerhouse In Auditioning." Shaun was just cast as the lead, Trevor Stephens, in the 2020 Indie Film "Tennessee Whiskey," which is currently in pre-production. As he continues his acting career, he has and will continue to spend an immeasurable amount of hours speaking to groups as well as offering videos on the subject of Vibrational Acting.
After a life-changing move to Los Angeles in 2011, Shaun embarked upon a journey as a fitness professional to realize his Divine motivation to help others transform their minds and bodies. This was truly a moment of destiny as Shaun gained success and approval rapidly within fitness Industry of Southern California.  His success, compassion and Spirit-led approach opened doors to travel and television opportunities as a fitness professional on shows like National Geographic's "How Human Are You," and Inside Edition's "Fit Father's Day Special." Soon after, Shaun Grant Fitness was created to expand the reach of helping others not just in Los Angeles but around the world. This business was the catalyst for Shaun's patented online fitness training and two fitness products called: "No Flabby Arms and "Back Pain Free." Some of the highlights of Shaun's time as a fitness professional is producing successful videos and written content for the Company Spicy Momma, and getting the opportunity to train celebrity clientele such as: Kim Kardashian, David Hasselhoff, Jesse McCartney, Eden Sassoon, Mayte Garcia, Elise Neal, Chris Noth and Phillip Lawrence.  
By the time 2013 rolled around, Shaun and his wife Sarah began producing a Health and Wellness based business called Health Eatery. Although operating primarily as a Life Mastery coach, Shaun would author his first book called "Prosperity Secrets: How To Live The Life of Your Dreams" and his very first musical album: Inspirational Audio "Energize Your Love." This was a prime opportunity to discover a transformative, as well as creative outlet to achieve something he is so passionate about, freeing people from poverty and struggle-laden mindsets.
Today, along with his lovely wife Sarah, Shaun produces life enhancing content that enables people to actualize their authentic selves. They also spend time coaching others on how to successfully navigate marriage. Both, Sarah and Shaun take great joy in enlightening people on what it takes to manifest healthy, vibrant, sustaining relationships. To Shaun, the ever-present relationship with the Spirit within is the most significant part of living a life that is perfect for the soul. By placing the soul's objectives first, it's inevitable that only the most fulfilling things unfold in everyone's life.
When he is not discovering truth and sharing it in the lives of others, Shaun enjoys spending introspective time at his lake, traveling, and taking walks with his wife. "If you are to find the true treasure in your life, you only have to embark upon the journey that forever goes within yourself". -Shaun Grant
Shaun is a certified Fitness Professional, NLP Practitioner, Life Mastery Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, and ordained minister through Universal Life Church.


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