What Is Money In It's Truest Essence?

“Money is a current of energy that moves throughout the universe as love in action and love in expression. When embraced with unconditional acceptance, money becomes an ally that allows us to do immeasurable good for ourselves and others. Money, simply put, is a beautiful thing that enhances the individual who possesses it and honors it with love.”

-Rev. Shaun Robert Grant❤

The Money Cure: Healing Your Relationship To Money And Discovering The True Path To Abundance
-By Rev. Shaun Robert Grant

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My Money Journey

For almost 41 years this September, I have expereinced every possible state. circumstance, or condition there is when it comes to money and all things financial. At first I used to find myself asking the age old question, Why me? But once I began to embrace these lessons as deep soulful opportunities to help myself and others, it accelerated my growth as a person and as a teacher.

In this book,available on Amazon, I share the mental, emotional, and spiritual lessons the concept of money has taught me throughout my life. The most important being, if we can ground ourselves in a state of peace, we can discover a creative solution to any financial issue that may present itself. Money is just energy, and as we shift the energy, the way money shows up in our lives transforms. 

“Money answers to the questions we are willing to ask ourselves. If you ask the right questions, abundant results will follow.” -Rev. Shaun Robert Grant

he Money Cure: Healing Your Relationship To Money And Discovering Your True Path To Abundance reveals to us the truth that we were never told about as it comes to the true essence of what money is, and what it ultimately means.

 Whether you're looking to maximize your income, gain complete peace and calm around money, or release years of stress, worry, and anxiety about your financial life, this book was written especially for you! 

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"In the grand scheme of things, money is just the result of the real wealth, prosperity, and abundance, which is you and me. Believe It!"

-Rev. Shaun Robert Grant❤

Healing Your Relationship To Money: Part 1

Once we heal all of the hangups we have around money, the financial floodgates will open!

A Money Lesson Learned From The Past

Growing up in the late 80's, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She was a loving, selfless, firm individual who gave up working to take care of me and my brothers while my mom worked at her government job.

For the most part, this was a wonderful part of my life. She cooked, she cleaned, she turned the TV on so I could watch my favorite shows, and she gave me her bed whenever I took naps. Even in the lower level impoverished housing developments we lived in, I felt rich on so many levels.

We used to call her "Mom" because she was like a second mother to everyone. Mom, even taught me my first entrepreneur lesson. She would pay me thirty cents to vacuum the floor of the tiny apartment we inhabited. This money meant everything to me. For thirty cents I could get a bag of Doritos, lemonade, and candy. It was another little piece of  heaven in my young life. Did I mention I felt rich? Lol! I was fed, bathed, cooked for, well rested and on top of the world. 

Fast forward to a short time later, I was short on cash and decided I was going to take the initiative and vacuum the floor without Mom having to tell me. I was feeling so fantastic, I went up to my grandmother and said,

"Mom, I vacuumed the floor, you can give me thirty cents now!" Her response was simple and firm.

"No sir, I didn't ask you to do that." 

I ran to my room and cried because in my mind, at the time,  I felt something that a lot of us has felt in our lives around money:

I felt undeserving, and unworthy of money....


So, from that day on, I carried that undeservingness and unworthiness with me in every situation involving money. I look back on the struggles I had through adolescence, teen years, and a big part of adulthood. As challenging as it was to experience having this in deeper consciousness of my mind, it was equally a blessing. A huge blessing now looking back on it.

Mom never intended to make me feel unworthy, that's just the way that I interpreted it...You see, human beings are the most complex creatures because of our emotional nature. It often doesn't matter what people imply when they tell us things, what matters is how we feel about it...This is never more true than when it comes to money.

Money at it's core is just energy. An expression of energy from the universe that carries with it, a neutral, yet loving charge until we create an interpretation around it. Whatever interpretation you've made, is the experience you are living out to this day. 

"When it comes to money, your interpretation of it dictates its movement in your life."



Mom, made her transition during Christmas time of 1997, but she has very much been a huge part of my growth as a man since the time of her passing. Without her part in my soul lesson, I would have never understood the basis for how everything functions in the universe, especially money.

We didn't have much material stuff growing up, but what we did have as a family that was passed on to me is resilience. Resilience, to me, The ability to bounce back from challenges, find the creative solution, and take action.

You, can use this formula to heal, improve, or just be at peace with your financial life. And keep in mind, everything can only operate off how we choose to interpret and feel about it. Get clear, choose to feel the truth and allow the abundance to show up!

The Money Cure: Mastering Financial Emotional Intelligence

Today we’re talking about Mastering Financial Emotional Intelligence with Rev. Shaun Grant.
Shaun is a dynamic writer, entrepreneur, who possesses an enormous passion for helping others discover their potential with money and prosperity.
He is the creator of the podcast The Money Cure and the author of Prosperity Secrets: How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams.
Shaun is absolutely driven to help as many people as he can realize their greatest financial potential.

He has gained an understanding that if we can maximize our ability to allow the abundant flow of money into our lives, we can maximize our creative freedom and live the fulfilling life that we all desire.
Today we are going to think big into our financial mindset and how to conquer issues with money through Financial Emotional Intelligence


Money, although often thought to be the physical form of coins and paper, is much more than that. Money is love in action, love in expression and is present everywhere in the entire Universe. It is ever-present as the Divine substance of energy first, and then is manifested as cash in hand.

This course is designed to help you understand the true nature of money and use 12 transformative principles to create an unlimited cash flow directly into your pocket/bank account. Truth of the matter is that anyone can do it. As long as they are willing to allow life and the Universe to flow as it chooses.

These principles are broken into four different areas that will be mapped out in three steps per area. The areas are as follows:





In each you will discover the keys that will forever set you free from financial lack and catapult you into financial independence and freedom. This program is meant to be studied and put into practice as soon as possible. Results vary depending on the person, yet if you patiently put in the time, you benefit exponentially.

I am excited to take this journey with you and happily watch you transform your life. Everyone deserves to be rich. Make a decision today that this is true for you and never look back! Let's dive in! Your cash flow awaits you!